Popsicles with a side of tassel trend love

A trendapalooza of a top with an off the shoulder silhouette + stripes + tassels + texturey happy trim (official runway term), 5 days into summer and I’ll stake the bold claim that this airy cotton piece will be a casual summer grab-and-go for me. Control your surprised face, please do try.

I’m a staples girl through-and-through with a weakness for neutrals, and it’s easier for me to justify buying what might be considered a “trendier” piece in a color palette I’ll be able to accessorize differently. (Bright baubles today, gold hoops tomorrow, what will she do next?) I know I keep you on the edge of your seat.

Bold claim number two: this was probably the second of seventy-two times we’ll visit Encanto Pops until temperatures dip down into sweater weather again this year. Which could be never. After all, this is Texas.

And this is the content you really should have come here for. If you live in Dallas: treat yoself, and go here. And call me. And we’ll go together. A bubbly, authentic Mexican paleta shop, the worst part will be limiting yourself to just one flavor.

I tend to color very much inside the lines with ice-cream, using 1 crayon.

When I was around 5-years-old, my mom loaded me up on the summertime outing of a lifetime: Baskin Robbins. Coolest Thing Ever #1: it had my name in it, even if they couldn’t spell it right, I couldn’t wait to go here. Coolest Thing #2: nose flat to the cold, domed glass, I wouldn’t stop commenting over and over and over about the assortment “fancy flavors, wow, the beautiful, fancy flavors!” And when my mom finally asked me, “Robin, what fancy flavor are you going to get!?” I replied, starry-eyed, “banilla!”

A flashback of my mother’s laugh rang in my memory when my first Encanto Pop selection was -wait for it- vanilla. Except I can say my V’s now, and this time my husband was laughing at me. Apparently, Robin’s Stripes don’t change much in twenty years.

But yesterday: strawberries and cream. I’m learning to live just a little closer to the edge in my shoulder-baring tassel top.


(Just a girl, trying to smile and eat her ice-cream before Texas triple digits eat it for her.)

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