High Five for Friday 05

Boy, does time sure fly when you’re lighting things on fire and trying to fit 40 hours of work into 28! (That’s how the saying goes, I’m almost totally sure.)

1. Last weekend we celebrated one of the dear members in our little pack of friends with hiking and tacos in ATX.

The day will also be commemorated in Kendrick’s Year One Album as Kenny’s First Hike. (Aww’s and heart-eyes abound.)

Friends commented on how surprisingly well little K-Dot took to the wilderness trek, but mostly I was surprised how well I took to the wilderness trek!

Hiking for me usually means opting for the Galleria stairs versus escalator on a day I’m feelin’ particularly sporty (flexing-bicep-emoji), but the great-outdoors was far less intimidating than my anxiety-prone, AC-loving self feared. As it turns out, dirt and sweat do wash off, and DEET is a beautiful, wonderful thing. Fresh air is also –gasp– refreshing.

How Dog & Dog-Mom spent the whole next day:Unmoving.

2. If you’ve ever wondered about the best BLT I’ve ever brunched in my life, wonder no more: Oddfellows in the Bishop Arts District. Holy fried green tomatoes, my mouth is still watering 5 days later.

3. The better part of my 1/2 day out-of-office Monday was spent:

a) attempting to find hip spots in Big-D who weren’t ALSO taking the almost-holiday off work

b) patio-sitting and chardonnay-sipping in good company at the Deep Ellum rooftop bar, Stirr. 9/10 service, 9/10 happy hour, 10/10 friends, 6/10 feeling a little too close to the sun in Dallas in July.

4. The Fourth of July! America! It happened this week! Small-town parade + corndog vendors + family made for a very merry Independence Day, indeed.

Any and every opportunity to get a little fam-facetime while living long-distance from them is super life-giving, especially on a holiday.

5. Me and that sweet husband of mine, we are talkers. With this, I believe I’ve shocked absolutely no one.

One of my favorite things in the world to do together is to simply sit on a patio, just the two of us, and talk. It sound so simple, and maybe dumb, and maybe kinda duh, but I love these simple “dates”.

And this week, we got one! And instead of a sweet photo of him, or us, here is a photo of me:

Because he is better than me, and actually took one.

Our new quick-drink spot in Oak Cliff has quickly become Small Brewpub. 10/10 for gr-eat craft pints. $2 HH

Bonus, making this a High-Six For Friday, but I just can’t help myself:

6. There’s a tiny blue shop in Dallas that sells tiny cheesecakes in tiny mason jars, and they are gooood. With four o’s. It’s called Val’s, and it’s worth a visit or 3.

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