When Life Gives You A Lemon-Print Dress

Professional Observation: lemons became more of an it pattern last year. (I know. My insights have been known to spark international philosophical debates of grandeur.)
But on-brand for every good fruit pattern of its kind, this trend only gained momentum into summer 2017 in “budget-friendly” stores. (AKA, the stores I actually shop-shop opposed to window-shop with crazy eyes.) Citrus + bargain lovers, rejoice.
Loft got serious with the summer of lemons memo with a super wide range of lemon-themed threads this year, and believe you me, I was about ready to give Country Crock a run for its fake lemon powder when I saw the collection and stock pile. With a fine line between the girl with the cute lemon dress and the girl who won’t stop wearing all the lemons, I settled on the dress alone.
As I’m writing this, I *think* Loft is coming off one of their super-weekend-sale-bonanzas where the whole store is a notch above free, and I think the dress is sold out online. Likely still in store somewhere! But it looks like shorts, scarves, and one-shoulder top aplenty in the eUniverse. In case you were wondering.
As I’m not exactly fun-sized at 5′ 9.75″sometimes wearing loud or extremely bright colors/patterns makes me a little nervous. Like I’m going to look like the large-and-in-charge-pint-size-Amazonian-lemon-lady.
With a little supportive coaxing from that sweet husband of mine, and a little following my figurative gut (and deciding my real one was pretty well camouflaged), I followed my impulse-purchase instinct and kept it. And I’m glad I did, because I’ve really grown to love this dress.
This weekend we had the pleasure of being in our hometown. In the last couple of years, a real life farmer’s market situation has been building in our downtown. A freaking great little city, but sometimes maybe a little slow to change (yet ultra supportive of community events! Most of the time!), it’s made me proud and excited to hear about this event growing weekend to weekend, and I was excited to finally shop it.
From the guy with the good pretzels, to the home goods booths, to Buttercup the Pig walking around on a leash with a tutu, it was a small-town win of a morning + a win for confidence & esteem with my summer of lemons dress.

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