About Robin

I’m Robin: an average girl made giddy by the little things in life!

I believe in bubble baths. I believe in really good hugs. I believe the right shade of lipstick is the one that makes you feel like a million bucks. I believe in the magic of chocolate chip cookies, laughing until you cry, and really pretty shoes.

I believe every day may not seem special, but every day is sprinkled with little things worth smiling about. Welcome to the space where I hope to inspire you to seek out and start conversations about the sprinkles in your life by sharing with you the little sprinkles from mine.
I became Austin’s wife New Year’s Eve 2013. (People still call us newlyweds, and I don’t really know where the cutoff is. 3 years? 5 years?) Two weeks after the big I do we had the bright idea to move to Louisville, and 9 months later the brighter idea to run back to Texas where we are (God-willing) planted for the long haul. *God bless Texas.* Or something like that.
The next time I fill a moving truck will be too soon.


He’s my partner in crime, voice of reason, divinely designed other half, and love of my life in the cheesiest way possible. I kind of like the guy.


While most of this space is focused on my happiness in superficial pretties, my true joy comes from being a daughter and follower of my savior Jesus Christ.
If you’re still concerned with who I really am, I think these cover most of the fundamental bases of Robin: 

Food: You know the top triangle of the food pyramid that’s recommended in moderation? That whole thing. I’m not so much an “I love sugar” sort of person as I am “sugar is life” sort of person.

All of the coffee, and all of the wine. 

If you pass it thinking “Wow, that color is really boring” I probably love it. Grey/Beige/Greige for life.

TV Personality:
 I’m about as Leslie Knope as it gets right down to the waffles and type-a quirkiness. (Quirkiness is a more fun word for mental instability.) If you don’t know what that means, here’s an article to give you a pretty good idea of what I’m talking about.

Zoo animal: 
Obsessive monkey-lover from birth. I held a wild baby howler monkey in Belize last year and may or may not have sort of cried just a little. 

Gone with the Wind in all of its 1,037-page glory. Plus, of course, every single one of the 4,224 pages that make up the Harry Potter series. I looked that number up just for this. Translate this entire bullet as I’m a really huge nerd.


Childhood hero: I thought Nancy Grace was the bomb. I ate up all of the cable news networks’ content like cartoons nightly. I was 8.


Present-day hero(s): Educators everywhere. Teachers, you da real MVP(s).


Now if you’re really itching for more, I recommend a leisurely peruse through the rest of the ol’ blog parts.The beginning is always a fun place to start, and this one is probably my most visited on the regular.


I hope you enjoy! Always, always, always feel free to reach out with any questions or comments, however personal or weird. I’ve probably heard weirder, and I will always be 100% honest.

8 thoughts on “About Robin

  1. Hannah says:

    Your an amazing person and have accomplished so much in so little time since high school keep it up god has amazing plans for you and Austin

  2. Katelyn says:

    Reading your blog makes me happy. I’m so ready for a new post. I’m sure you’re busy, but just know that someone is waiting anxiously for your next post and the smile that will accompany it. Have a great day and a Butterfinger!

    • Robin_DailySprinklesBlog says:

      This made my day, Katelyn! Thank you! I did have to take a little mental-health hiatus, probably should have mentioned I’d be doing that.. but it’s nice to know it went noticed. 😉 I took the time to do a little cleaning up around here, and I’ve got a lot of content up my sleeve ready to go soon! 🙂

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