Inside my Birchbox: May

May Birchbox Daily Sprinkles

We’re past May. We’re so far past May, June days now have double digits. 

My life this May looked something like the state of my mailbox.Mailbox

A jam-packed hot mess. Poor, neglected junk mail.

I don’t think I took my Birchbox out of my mailbox until the last day of the month. I chose to post this a little late and spend some time with the goodies so I could have an educated conversation, opposed to purely rattling off what I got or just making something up. Although I guess you’d really never know if I did. (Muahaha.) Don’t worry- never have I would I ever.

It was a fun box, and another killer collaboration effort. Cupcakes & Cashmere is a super fun blog I follow fairly regularly. Fun to see them come up on my box. Plus, bonus points for another cute box. You may recall I have a thing for cute packaging or something.



In the box:

Naobay Oxygenating Cream Moisturizer | Benefit Lolibalm | Beauty Protector Beauty Wash Cleanser | PARLOR by Jeff Chastain Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray | English Laundry Notting Hill Femme Eau de Parfum 

The good:

Naobay Oxygenating Cream Moisturizer

May Birchbox Daily Sprinkles

These guys can make a serious moisturizer. I’ve really enjoyed this guy from their line of products before, which I originally discovered from one of my very very first Birchboxes.

The sample from this go around was a really nice, light facial moisturizer that I seriously may end up ordering for the summer. First, it smells to me like summer thanks to the avocado component. Second, the moisturizer I’ve been using for basically the past ten years and l.o.v.e. I have a sneaking suspicion will be a little heavy on an already destined-to-melt face in the Dallas summer heat I hear is looming. (Gross.) I may keep you posted on that front because I know you care oh so much about me and my pending melty summer face probs.

 Benefit Lolibalm

May Birchbox Daily Sprinkles

Benefit, I love you, and this perfect little moisturizing lippie sample. It looks like it’ll transform you into Barbie in .02 second, but that is completely deceiving (in a good way.) It really felt like more of a super subtly tinted creamy chap-stick, not the least bit tacky, and packed with a decent amount of moisture.

I have several similar products already -plus this pretty large sample- to go through before I likely add another one of these to my pile of lip products. If I didn’t, it’d be in my next order.

The bad:

English Laundry Notting Hill Femme Eau de Parfum 

The words “old lady drapes” come to mind. Not my style, but thanks for playing.

The ugly:


Beauty Protector Beauty Wash Cleanser

This is a perfectly fine, super pretty smelling body wash -the advertising nerd in me just completely hates their logo. Am I alone?

How was your Birchbox last month? Any samples you plan on snagging full-size? Comment below or with the little talking bubble near the title!

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara Comparison

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

The hype of a million suns surrounded the release of Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara a couple months ago.

It was everywhere I looked. I even put a tube on pre-order, which felt dumb five seconds after I did it. They won. (Except the day it released -for reason irrelevant- I looked it up on Birchbox and it had sold out. Who’s dumb now? Correct answer: still me. For pre-ordering mascara. I live in Dallas, not the middle of the beauty-forsaken wilderness.)

Why they claimed it’s cooler than any mascara in your makeup bag: the Hook ‘n’ Roll™ brush. It promised to curl lashes as it went for volume + length+ eye-opening curl without the use of an eyelash torture device. Flake-free, full, long-lasting, universally perfect for every eye shape and lash type, and inky black curly wonderfully flirty lashy goodness for up to 12 hours. It sounded like the freaking holy grail.


I don’t have particularly stick straight lashes or lashes that won’t hold curl. I do feel like I look more awake when I use an eyelash curler, so more often than not, eyelash torture device it is. Using one never bothered me (except the unfortunate occasional instance in which the curler became an eyelid or eyeball torture device –ow), but the Benefit marketing still worked magic on blurring my want versus need line. Plus, the tube imitates an old fashioned hair roller. Cute packaging always wins.

This is the look I get with a couple coats and zero curling on my part. I’ve been hard-pressed to find a negative review on the stuff, but in general the beauty masses are pretty hot or cold with opinions about Benefit mascaras.


As I found with Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara, it does a really nice job with fanning out my lashes and a surprisingly decent job curling when used correctly. It takes a little bit of a special flick of the fingers in a subtle c-shape, which sounds more complicated than it actually is.

If I go too quickly, I’ve found the results aren’t nearly as pretty, and some clumping occurs I have to rework with a lash separator. At that point, have I really saved anytime at all moving more slowly? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself. If that’s what you think you’ll be getting out of this mascara, I don’t think you will.

This is doing mascara the-way-my-mama-taught-me (except sans curler) compared to Benefit’s Roller Lash:


1 Benefit Roller Lash | 2 L’Oreal Mascara – No Curler Used

I don’t know what you see, but comparing lash curl to lash curl, I think there’s a difference. Personally, I do prefer that extra volume/bulk my L’Oreal mascara gives me I just can’t get with Benefit on its own, which is difficult to see in the photos. What I’ve found myself doing is going back after a coat of Roller Lash with a coat of something like my good ol’ plain L’Oreal to add the volume.

It’s a nice mascara to have, and it’s darn long lasting, I give it to Benefit for always nailing that for me. I also really do think it’s pretty. I’ve been using it off and on for a couple of months before chatting about it in case my first impression changed, but it hasn’t. I like using it when I want to kick my routine up just a notch.

But I tell you, I haven’t quit the curler habit even using Roller Lash on a normal day (i.e. not for this blog post.) 10 or so years of use and brainwashing might be at play here, but I just don’t feel like my eyes are at full open-and-awake-potential without using one.

For what I was expecting, it didn’t quite live up to the hype as far as replacing my other mascaras/lash curler and becoming my holy grail. It’s simply another really nice Benefit mascara not all that different from They’re Real that I’m not unhappy is in my makeup bag these days.

The short version of this review:
a) It hasn’t replaced my eye lash curler. Wasn’t that the point?
Bummer. (If I wasn’t so picky, it totally would in a pinch, though.)
b) Super good separation. Still pretty. Still a perfectly good mascara.
Not Bummer.
c) It’s pricier than the drugstore stuff that I have no qualms with, but it lasts a good Grey’s Anatomy Finale’s worth of tears.
It is what it is. I’ll pass on bankrolling daily use, but it’s special occasion good.

DISCLAIMER: if you aren’t used to getting Benefit mascaras off your lashes, oh man. It’s the price you’ll pay for all-day lash lovelies. It’s a delicate dance between don’t scrub your eyelids bald and I just want to go to bed why is this taking so long? Nothing I haven’t been able to tackle, though, with my drugstore product removing ways (Pond’s Cold Cream, Pond’s Towelettes, or generic baby oil, respectively.)

Mascara is also possibly one of the most personal makeup products we ladies use on the daily, second to foundation (if not more.) Every girl seems to have her own die-without tube, magic mixing combo, or secret to personal lash perfection because there are literally no two sets of eyes and lashes in the whole world who will wear it the same way. Which is beautiful. With varying lash types, you might find different results.

Have you tossed your eye lash curler in favor of this stuff yet? Would you rather die than read the word “lash” in this post one more time? Comment below or with the little talking bubble near the title!

The Elephant + April’s Birchbox

Nothing against elephants, but let’s get this one out of the room.

Content has been a little thin (aka there has been no content) for the past month. Maybe you didn’t actually notice. Maybe you’re thinking, “Boy she’s full of it. This jokester really thinks out of the 2 billion people on the Internet I’d notice her missing?” If that’s you, valid! If you did care that I left you hanging, I apologize.

I took a little mental health hiatus from Daily Sprinkles, which I realized wasn’t my best idea. If you ever wonder why this blog exists, it’s because it makes me happy. Writing makes me happy. Taking photos makes me happy. An excuse for obsessive product testing, baking, and crafting makes me happy. More importantly, the conversations these posts spark and the times I’ve heard they’ve helped someone in some way make me genuinely happy.

Next time life’s crazy gets the best of me, maybe I’ll just quit my day job instead. (Kidding -nervous laugh- yeah, just kidding…)

I did take some time to do a little maintenance around here during the hiatus, so hopefully now it’s a little prettier on the eyes and easier to navigate my junk. This lovely page also got a little spruce.

Just know that my head is bubbling over with ideas and I’ve got some content up my sleeve.

Phew. Goodbye, Elephant.


Now, that entire explanation could have just as easily been a farce to cover up the fact I’ve been distractedly fan-girling over this more perfect than perfect Birchbox + Rifle Paper Co. collaboration this entire past month. (I’ll never tell.)


I don’t know how or when exactly it happened, but the secret’s out and Rifle Paper Co products have been popping up stinking everywhere –which is why I shouldn’t have been surprised to rip open my mail and discover this collaboration made in subscription box heaven. It’s just so pretty.


The bush outside our apartment that’s had a vendetta against me since we moved in last fall also started producing these really pretty flowers. So I forgive you for purposely overgrowing into my walkway sometimes, bush.




Box Sample Winner
Cargo Swimmables Water Resistant Blush in Los Cabos


If Birchbox chose one sample for me a month based on the item that got thrown in and tossed out of my virtual shopping basket most in the last 3 months, this blush would have topped the list. I’ve been wanting it so darn bad, but for some reason hadn’t followed through. There was always something I needed more urgently than blush that took its place.

Imagine my childlike happiness when I opened this box and found it, just try and imagine. 

Cargo was winning right out of the gate with this one. Not only had I been wanting to try it, but this is one of the better non-full-size samples I’ve maybe ever gotten. It’s a really good size  -literally just a miniature version of its full-size mama in a cute, tiny tin. I was already impressed with the sample size, then I tried it out -this sample is going to last me a good while. Super pigmented, so I don’t have to swirl and cake it on for a perfectly rosy result. Having a deeper olive complexion, blush and I have that struggle sometimes.


The pigmentation and shade of Los Cabos is going to be terrifically pretty for the warmer spring/summer months and actually show up on my face.

Also, um, swimmable? Can we talk about that? Why is that not a bigger beauty thing? Maybe it is and I’m late to the game, but waterproof blush is the best news since -well- waterproof mascara. It just makes so much sense in the summer months. If you weren’t lucky enough to sample this piece in your own box, I’d snag it up online anyway. Adding this to my mental list of “will be replacing when it’s out.”

Product Sample Runner-Up
LAQA & Co sheer lip lube pencil


Bonus, it was full size. This is definitely a lip sheer, not a lip stick, which made me much less uneasy about the bold pink. If it wore any heavier, I would feel like I was walking around with Barbie lips (which I might be in the mood for, like, once a year.)

Goes on incredibly smooth, lasts a couple of hours, and has a nice minty smell. Not a game-changer, but not a bad little lippie to keep in the collection. It isn’t a color I would have naturally chosen for myself, so for that little stretch I was pleased.

Were you as pleased with your box as I was mine? Comment below or with the little talking bubble near the title!


February Favorites

This month was all about beauty for me, and I don’t now how that happened. I racked my brain (surely I wasn’t that unadventurous), but beauty products were the only discoveries from February that knocked off my socks and made me excited enough to share.


Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Buttercream | Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara | Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick | Sephora Collection MicroSmooth Baked Blush Duo

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Buttercream

Holy. Yum.


My husband forever cemented in the archives of Twitter my initial reaction:


And I meant it. And I still mean it. I would still love to devour a big heaping scoopful every time I use it. (I imagine that’s a bad idea. I do not advise consumption.) It’s pistachio, almond, and sweet vanilla, but very mild, and simply makes me happy. While I love the smell, I also love that I can wear whatever fragrance I want on top of it at the start of the day because it doesn’t linger too terribly long (fortunate and unfortunate.)


It applies like one of the silkiest, smoothest body creams I’ve ever tried without leaving my skin feeling the least bit oily. (Isn’t that the grossest? I don’t want to feel like I could take a running leap at a dry Slip’n’Slide and glide straight to the end after moisturizing my full body. Ick. You won’t with this body buttercream.) The texture is a real dream and lasts all day.

The price point is a little outside of my comfort zone for lotion. Despite the a-dor-able packaging, Soap & Glory is one of those brands I think I had picked up and tested a product or two before, but never bought. I probably passed on the price tag in favor of a drugstore staple. During a routine Sephora lap early this month, I passed the display and remembered one of my favorite bloggers (Kate from over at The Small Things Blog) mentioning it favorably in some capacity toward the end of last year. I couldn’t remember. I tested it in store and it was love at first smell. We’ve lived happily ever after. 

p.s. I have a thing for lotion tubs. I really like them. Maybe because I use a ton and it’s just easier to get in there and scoop it out rather than pump the bottle sixteen times? The tub also gives me the option of throwing the thing in my bag easily for travel or use during the day if I want. Who knows. I’m a freak.

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara in black


I thought this product was genius. It’s really just a good smudge and flake free mascara in a tiny tube with a tiny brush designed to distribute product to tiny lashes.


You might order it or go check it out in store and scream “What is this, mascara for ANTS?!” which was pretty close to my initial reaction, too. (It’s not THAT small. If you aren’t a Zoolander fan you’re probably really confused and lost, and I won’t apologize because that’s your fault for missing out on only about a million laughs.) It’s a small tube, but it isn’t expensive and I imagine it lasting a while for the small amount I use every time.

This isn’t a game changer or a top of the list once it runs out kind of product for me -I’ve found it mostly just fun to have and use. It does a nice job separating tiny bottom lashes and adding definition with a couple coats. When I’m really doing my eyes I add a couple coats for separation and length, and then one more coat of something a little thicker like my Covergirl Lash Blast on top of it.

It’s also nice to have for tinier lashes toward the inner of my top lash line. Who am I fooling? Once I’m 100% used to using it everyday it probably will be at the top of my list when it runs out.

Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Plummy Rose

Let’s take a moment and squeal over this packaging together, okay? Look how stinking adorable and fun and I want all of the shades just for the fun packaging of all of them seriously go look at them.


OK, now we can move on.

I’ve wanted one (or all) of the lipsticks from this collection for a darn long time, and finally picked this Plummy Rose shade. It’s a mauvey-rose color that I like for its simplicity. It gives color and defines my lips in a “yeah I’m a grown lipstick wearing lady” sort of way without being super trendy. Sometimes I don’t want to look trendy, I just want to feel pretty and polished. You feel me? Those are the days I use this lipstick.


As you would guess from the name, it’s super creamy and soft -definitely not a drying lip color, and maybe a little sheer. It takes reapplying every few hours to keep up the moisture and color throughout the day (or maybe I just talk a lot or drink too much coffee), but if those sort of lip products annoy you, pass on this one. I haven’t found a “lip butter” lipstick that doesn’t require this, though, and I just really like it anyway.

It also smells really nice, which is just a sweet bonus since you know I’m applying it, like, directly beneath my nose.

Sephora Collection MicroSmooth Baked Blush Duo in Tea Rose Tickle


I reached for this blush probably 23 of the 28 days of February. I’ve ended up really liking it even more than I thought I would in the store. (Even after dropping it directly onto the hard wood floor the day I brought it home. I also did that with a brand new carton of eggs today. That’s a different story, but I think it’s a pattern.)


Despite the battle wound I inflicted upon the little guy, it’s been a great blush. The colors are rich and pigmented enough to show up on my more medium olive skin, and actually have a lot of dimension. It has just enough sheen without being glittery. Few things I hate more than a product with so much sparkle it takes me back to the roller glitter stick days of my childhood. I can’t for the life of me remember what it is, but there is another Sephora Collection brand blush that does this. Beware.


And that’s the February gang. Have you given any of these a shot before? Any brands or products I should be on the lookout for this month? Comment below or with the little talking bubble near the title!

Inside my Birchbox: February

February Birchbox 2015

“Hang on, that box is cool, I wanna see.”
“Like, really?”
“Shut up.”

Congratulations, BBox. When the Birchbox box is so cool it even hooks my husband, you know you’ve done good. 


February was more than just a freaking cool box (it’s the little things in the Karber house), I scored some killer loot.


amika Nourishing Mask (Have you tried anything from amika? I’ve been loving this brand lately. Everything I have smells so darn happy.) | Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet | Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal perfume | Evologie Intensive Blemish Serum | Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner (full size !!)

Most exciting samples:


Throw me a full size just-about-anything in the box and I’m giddy. I can be wary of makeup samples just because makeup is so subjective and personal based on skin tone, skin type, etc. A really great black eyeliner will work for just about anyone though I think, so I was stoked. 


Felt-tip liquid eyeliners are my absolute favorite for the control and precision. It’s much easer for me to build a line with these rather than trying to salvage a catastrophic too-thick line I usually end up with using other types of tips. It was a perfect liquid eyeliner for me, and I will likely purchase when I run low.


The second thing you can do to make me happy is throw me a Juicy Couture just-about-anything. I have a mad crush on all scents Juicy. They nail fragrance for me just about every time. My long-time Juicy Crush has been Viva la Juicy (perfume and lotion) which I remember distinctly receiving a sample of just like this from Ulta. I bought a full bottle the next week.

I’m a sucker for the little glass tubey perfume sample things. They’re so cute, and give such a better idea of how the perfumes truly smell and wear rather than the annoying cardboard magazine inserts. Sometimes I hate those.

(If you can’t take an overtly passionate stand on how you receive perfume samples, what can you take a stand on anymore, I ask?!)


All in all, my box totally paid for itself this month. Were you happy with the samples in yours? I love hearing what other people’s boxes contained and how they felt, comment below or with the little talking bubble near the title!

Drugtore Loves Lately


Rimmel Drugstore Foundation Primer

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer

You know when you run into Target for bobby pins and leave with a brand new waffle maker? That’s sort of how this product landed in my basket.

I had run out of the Smashbox Primer I had grown to know and love, but honestly couldn’t financially justify replacing it at the time –it’s kind of pricey. I was just going without primer, but could definitely tell a difference in the way my makeup wore. During a quick but dangerous walkthrough of the Target beauty department after going in for cereal, it was like a fluorescent beam of harsh overhead light directed my senses to this little white tube on the bottom shelf. I think it was on sale, so I read the label and shrugged, “Well, it’s probably better than nothing, right?” My shrug was right, and my $6 gamble paid off. Not only is it quite literally much better than nothing, it’s great. It actually works better for me than the bareMinerals Prime Time I’ve tried to love but can’t, and for a fourth of the price (Prime Time leaves me feeling way too greasy, and my makeup is melting off my face by noon.)

I use a fairly heavy moisturizer after washing my face in the morning, allow that to sink in for about ten minutes, and then follow it up with about a dime-sized amount of this primer for my whole face. The texture applies very similarly to lotion, which I love.

I would not call this a Smashbox Dupe, but rather a really inexpensive drugstore fix that is working terrifically for me as an everyday primer. (I’ll likely invest back in Smashbox when I have an event that warrants a trusty long-wear friend under my foundation.)

Note:  Under some of the drugstore liquid foundations I’ve tried recently I didn’t like it as much as I do under my bareMinerals powder foundation, and had to “powder my nose” a bit more throughout the day. I have combination to dry skin.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter(Crème Brûlée, Berry Smoothie, Sugar Plum)

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter

I started accidentally collecting these recently. They’re generally what I grab for when I know I need lip color, but it’s a super swipe-and-go no mirror moment and I can trust it won’t look like a three year old tried to do my lipstick.

They’re pretty moisturizing and glossy without being the least bit tacky or sticky -somewhere between a lipstick and a lip balm. The color lasts a fair amount of time for what it is and how much it costs, and the moisture lasts even when the color fades. The color does transfer with wear (onto coffee cups, straws, etc.), but they never claim to be long-lasting. For simple makeup days when a fussier lipstick that requires more precision would feel like too much, these are my go-to right now.

Drugstore Mascara

L’Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara + CoverGirl Lashblast Volume Mascara 

The Telescopic Mascara is one of my all-time favorite drugstore mascaras. It’s terrific for length on its own, but for a more dramatic lash I’ve started topping it with a coat of Lashblast for a boost in volume (both in black). This technique isn’t revolutionary, but I’ve found that these particular products and their terrific no-clump wands go really nicely together on my lashes when it’s a pull-out-all-the-stops full face makeup day.

And if you’re looking for a drugstore waterproof mascara, Lashblast is practically the only one I’ll use. The consistency between the regular product and waterproof doesn’t change which is huge to me. It’s the same product with stronger staying power. I feel like the waterproof mascaras I’ve tried tend to be much messier with application, almost more watery themselves.

Either of these are terrific mascaras, but the combination is an A+.

Have you tried any of the drugstore products I’ve been loving lately? It’d be great to hear how they’re working (or not!) for different people! Comment below or with the little talking bubble near the title.

How to take a real bath (AKA a LUSH bath)

LushBath-5 copyThere’s something about the most wonderful time of the year that must make masseuses and Advil companies a whole lot of money. If you’re still working out your present wrapping muscles and holiday knots, good news:  tomorrow is National Bubble Bath Day. (It’s a real thing -the Internet told me- so get ready.)

I know half of you just groaned, “Gross, why would I sit in a hot tub of my own filth for thirty minutes?” First of all, if your bath water is really THAT gross after you get out, consider kicking your daily personal hygiene up a notch. Second, I simply don’t think you’re doing bathtime right.

1. Start with the water. Everything is more fun when you make it pretty. These bath bombs and bath melts from LUSH are absolutely heavenly and absolutely keySeriously, LUSH baths are the things dreams are made of.


And come on, aren’t these little friends I have left from the holiday collection stinkin’ adorable?LushBath

LushBath-3I love him.

How is this the first time LUSH bath products have made it here? Let me tell you…

They make your water all kinds of gorgeous with colors or sparkles or bubbles or whatever. Break a little bit off a couple different bombs and melts to make it whatever beautiful thing you want. There are bombs with avocado for soft skin, or chamomile scents to make you sleepy, or just a million different things. I could rant for days. If you haven’t shopped LUSH bath stuff before, there’s a whole new world of delicious bath-time goodness awaiting you. (Just imagine soaking in the warm water with pretty colors and swirling aromas and you’re starting to warm up to this bath idea, aren’t you?)

If you aren’t near a LUSH and can’t wait for an order, my second favorite bath-time-products are literally any of the 3-in-1 Shampoo, Shower Gel, Bubble Baths from Philosophy. All of the scents are delicious, and they make good bubbles -even if they aren’t as pretty or intoxicating as the LUSH products. Some of my favorites have included Pink Frosted Animal Cracker and Raspberry Sorbet (both which couldn’t smell more on point with what I hoped they would.) I’ve found some around TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and Nordstrom Rack super discounted recently -keep an eye out.

2. Next, pick your relaxing beverage of choice. Are you a wine girl? Champagne? Iced Tea? Pour yourself a nice sized glass of something smooth or bubbly to sip while you soak. Just sit, and soak, and sip. Mmm.

3. If sitting alone with your thoughts causes you more stress than not, setup the entertainment. I’ve never been a reads-in-the-tub kind of girl (mostly because I like the pages of my books not soaked and dried wrinkly.) Sometimes I’ll put on a relaxing playlist, but my favorite bathtime entertainment is catching up on a little TV. Tricky, being that there isn’t a television in our bathroom -setup is key. I have the perfect little stool to prop up my iPad, set to whatever Netflix binge I’m on at the moment. It’s wondeful.

Do you have a favorite LUSH bath bomb, different product line I should try, or bathtime ritual? Tell me about it! Comment below or by using the talking bubble near the title. Have a happy Bubble Bath Day!

Inside my Birchbox: November

I think there was an audible squeal of delight when I ripped open and tore through my November box:  too much fun. Birchbox Mail Day is literally a little piece of Christmas for me once a month.


This month’s theme, naturally, was Giving. Accompanying the products was an adorable, colorful little gift giving guide.



I’m really not a “get me to the products” kind of Birchbox girl, I love flipping through fun little pieces like this -they add to the experience for me.

Inside my box:

  1. Can we talk about how I got a bonus Chocolate Almond Butter in my box this month? I got something chocolate in my box this month. It’s like they know my heart.
  2. Camille Beckman Platinume Gold Imperial Repair Hand Therapy
  3. dr. brandt pores no more vacuum cleaner
  4. Eyeko Fat Eye Stick in Satin Taupe
  5. Not Soap, Radio Joy Inducing Body Wash
  6. theBalm cosmetics Cindy-Lou Manizer

Most Fun Product:
The taupe eye stick, #4. A full-size makeup product of any kind gets my attention in a box, and I was pretty excited about this lovely neutral.

Nov_Birchbox-5 Nov_Birchbox-6

Most Fun Packaging:
The body wash, #5. I’m a big time lemon anything person, so to me this smelled so yummy, and the label made me laugh. I’m almost always willing to give a brand a shot for a little personality in the packaging.


What did you find in your box this month? I’d love to compare! Comment below!


Perfect Winter Lip Scrub by LUSH


I am super conscious about keeping my lips healthy (if you caught this post, you understand my history of lip woes.) I stumbled upon this amazing little delicious miracle worker at the end of a quick LUSH haul several weeks ago (those little point-of-purchase products at the register get me every darn time.)

After a little in-store sampling, they made a quick believer out of me.


LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub,$9.95

To use:

After taking the tiniest little bit on your finger, simply scrub scrub scrub all the dead, rough skin from your lips, then lick off the excess –um, yum.

Why use:

This stuff is a great exfoliator for creating a perfectly smooth lipstick base. On the other hand, if it’s a simple chap-stick-and-go kind of day, it brings out the natural coloring of your lips under your lip balm. (I wouldn’t use it alone, though. Always follow up with a little of your favorite lip balm to avoid drying effects later, FYI.)

It’s made with 100% natural (delicious) ingredients (like so many wonderful LUSH products are), which steals my heart all the more.

Win-wins all over the place, I tell you.


I remember there being other flavors, too,  like Bubble Gum (if that’s your thing, personally I don’t do well with Bubble Gum flavored anything that isn’t actually Bubble Gum) but right now I can’t remember the others. Mint was just my favorite.

I realized this is the first time I’ve introduced a LUSH product to Daily Sprinkles, so let me give you the short story if you don’t already know:

This company rocks.

Zero animal testing, handmade products (with little labels that actually tell you whose hands made your product specifically –so unbelievably cool and personal), fresh & safe & natural ingredients, and on & on & on. Seriously, go here for the full company picture.

For a million reasons I support LUSH, but the main reason I’ve been an obsessed and loyal LUSH fan for years:  the products are incredible and also the best smelling things I’ve ever smelt. If I could just capture the aroma of the whole store, I would turn it into a candle, room spray, deodorant, perfume, and shampoo and use them all all the time.

Long story short: go visit LUSH, grab a little lip scrub, and keep your pout holiday-red-lip-ready all winter.

Do you have a favorite lip scrub or routine for keeping your lips healthy in the winter months? If you haven’t caught on, I love trying new beauty tricks and products. Comment below or with the little talking-bubble near the title!

Cheap, Deep Conditioner


I am on the constant hunt for the holy grail of hair products:  provides ample moisture, won’t weigh down my super fine strands, affordable (read cheap),  and will completely transform my limp locks into the flowing tresses of Zooey Deschanel.  

3 out of 4, I’ll settle. (Providing that 1 of the 3 reads cheap.)

Let it go on the record I hate Aussie. Those gleaming purple bottles are the worst products wrapped in the best personality –it makes me sad. Their clever and sassy voice actually makes me laugh, but I think their styling products contain the secret ingredient to Spidey String. (Marvel? Anyone?) I always end up with dry hair glued to my scalp.

Thanks to an inexpensive price point, I’ve tried their hairsprays, mousse, ‘sprunch’ spray, shampoo –the gamut. They’ve had their fair chance. I was done. They’re the worst. Everything they make is the worst. Then…

One of my all-time favorite bloggers (Kate at The Small Things Blog) began a similar moisturizing hunt, asking for help through her Instagram. After several follower’s suggestions, she tried this stuff and was raving. I’ve discovered some of my all-time favorite styling products per her blog advice. If it was good enough for Kate, it seemed I would be ending my long-time standoff with Aussie to give it a shot.

Verdict: Boy, did they get this one right.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle (miracle is right)

Directions on the bottle:
“Work into clean, wet hair and leave on 3 minutes. Think deep thoughts during this time. Rinse with warm water and then cool water for some shine.”

So, that’s what I did. After a good shampoo, I massaged the conditioning product into all of my hair, thought deep thoughts, and clipped it up while I finished showering -using music as a rough time estimate to measure out 3 minutes. (Like, closer to 2-3 songs worth of time. I may or may not occasionally get carried away pretending to have Ingrid Michaelson’s voice.)

I have super fine hair, actually a bit on the longer side right now (6 months grossly overdue a healthy trim), and I did have some slight tangling issues once I went to comb through. At the same time though, it felt soft and light, and didn’t leave behind that “deep-condition-residue” products sometimes leave behind on a fine head of hair.

At $2.99 a pop from Target, I couldn’t ask for my hair to be more nice-smelling or style-able. I may be hooked.

Looks like you finally got me, Aussie.