How-To Style: side swept/overgrown bangs

Word on the street is:  I got a new haircut. Except the thing is, as with news whose mode of transportation is usually that of streets and vines, this rumor is false. Downright false, I tell you, and I’m here to set the record straight, because I know how much cognitive space my very own head of hair takes up in your waking hours.

I shot a quick – might I reiterate – quick, too-long, semi-chatty video about how I’ve been a-stylin’ my front fringe these days. A little how-to, if you will. And if you won’t, that’s fine, too! I just get questions semi-often when I wear my bangs to the side:  a) is it a new cut? or b) how do I style them?

I’m here to show you, friends, it’s really pretty simple. I’ll say it in the video, but this is a hopefully helpful tool if you’ve forgone a haircut for so long your husband calls you “Cousin It” when your bangs hang low OR you’re in the process of genuinely growing them out.  Mine is the former. Key takeaway: create separation along the part + add bend to make them move in the direction you want them to.

I’m a strong believer in a good haircut, but maybe an even stronger believer in learning how to work with the cut you’re given and figure out what products/techniques give you the ‘do you just can’t quit selfie-ing.

Prepare yourself for the most high-budget film of your life. It is Oscar Season, after all.

Back to the Bangs

(Because I had a feeling “To Bang or Not To Bang” would get a few unhappy eyebrows raised.)

Summer 2015 Bangs

Summer 2015 Bangs Summer 2015 Bangs

Confession: I’m the queen of fickle when it comes to hair. The only reason it got anywhere close to the ballpark of “long” in 2014 was because we were living in Louisville, I didn’t know any hairdressers, and we were pretty poor. (In case you mistook me for a person patient enough to grow out my hair.)

The gene of thick, flowing Rapunzel tresses burned itself out on my gorgeous older sister, leaving me a mane with much to be desired. (That’s how genealogy works, right? Science! But really, she has the thickest most lushes locks in the land.)

My own locks are a little on the wimpy side (praise heaven for mousse), so I’ve always struggled with how to get it cut. Is this me announcing the beauty gods have finally whispered in my ear sweet secrets to all my fine hair woes…? (Ha. Haha.)

Summer 2015 Bangs

I used to get super regular haircuts cropped well above my shoulders at nearly all times -with varying levels of fringe- mostly because I was told short would compensate for the lack of thick. (Looking back, I think I was drinking the shorter-is-better coolaid without having a clue how to style it. Aren’t old school photos of yourself fun?)

Summer 2015 Bangs

How I determined I needed a haircut then: Bad hair day. Snip snip. Now the hairs that made me mad are gone. (It made sense to me.)

How I determine I need a haircut now: There’s money in my account,my splits have past the point of no return, and no amount of coconut oil can ever fix those babies.

I’ve also been trying really hard to eliminate hair cut whims and embrace what is (to me) a completely different hairstyle feel.

But old habits die hard.

Summer 2015 Bangs

I went about two solid months loving grown out bangs -and then I was bored to tears. Maybe I just need a few lessons on styling my hair from a real person not inside my iPad. There were days I’d finish fixing my hair and think “well, I guess that’s as good as it’s getting today, nothing I can do about it.” When in fact there was something I could do about it. It’s called a haircut, moron Robin.

I don’t think I’ll go full-on-bob-chop again any day soon (I say today), but I’m happy with my decision to reintroduce a little fringe (even if it was just a little more than I went in thinking I’d get. Ah! The fun of new hairdressers! But I’m digging it.) Maybe because I lived with them for so long, but bangs are just my happy hair place.

Summer 2015 Bangs


My philosophy (which you can tell at this point is v. professional), whatever is “in-style” is basically garbage if you can’t feel like yourself while rocking it. While I noticed heaps of fringe on 2015 runways (here + here), most of the leading ladies in my life and general piece of the country have been letting them grow, and looking darn fantastic. So who’s to say what the real trend is? All I know is my own forehead was gettin’ a little lonely.

So that’s it  -the enthralling tale of me and my kinda ‘do (that isn’t too new if you haven’t seen me in two years.) Which I’m sure I’ll be bored with and changing in about three weeks. (Which is truer than you think. I’m on the verge of adding color of the first time. Will I? Won’t I?)


Bangs-13 Bangs-14 Bangs-8

Kudos and credit to my stellar sister-in-law Alexandria Karber Photography for a crazy fun mini shoot to showcase my cut. What a trooper. If you’re looking for a seriously fantastically talented, experienced photographer, hit this friend up. She’s in Amarillo for the summer, so now’s your chance to get a super reasonably priced shoot done before she finishes that KU Photo degree in a few years and can start charging millions. (Because she totally will. Girl’s goin’ places.)

Seniors, engagements, babies, infants, weddings, camps, families, dogs, grass, leaves, goats –she can do it all.

I just had to turn the camera around on her for a hot minute (example of gorgeous flowing Disney princess hair sans bangs.) She is one seriously beautiful lady with one of the happiest hearts I’ve ever known.

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