High Five for Friday 05

High. Five. Indeed. We’ve been high-fiving a lot of things* around Casa Karber, as of late, primarily today (yesterday) the fact that February is over.

From everyone’s “how can it be March already?!”s, I feel like I may be alone in asking did it feel like it took twenty years to get through January-February this year? It sure did in Robin Time, I tell you. Give or take a decade.

(*Let’s clear the air, “high-fiving a lot of things” does not mean babies. It’s never babies. At this age, married, I’ve realized I have to make this abundantly clear + tell people to get their mind out of my uterus on a regular basis. Unless I explicitly say it has to do with babies, know it has nothing to do with babies.)

(Because it’s been a hot minute since I’ve thrown up a HFFF, reminder that these are just 5 of the best things that happened this week/lately! Always look for the silver lining, folks, and celebrate the sprinkles. That’s the whole point.)

Enough disclosures!

1.It’s March, and if you haven’t caught on, I’m happy about it. March should be good to us this year + I’m seeing my family this month, and I haven’t seen them since NYE. Also, we’ve been living this will it won’t it Winter in Texas, and as typically a cold-weather-fanatic as I usually am… I’m over it. I’m over flu, Kleenex, antihistamines, and dead grass. Whoever is new Spring-Loving Robin is, she says bring on the sunshine, suntans, sundresses, and blooms.

I feel so totally basic, but I so totally don’t care.

2. Can we all agree Target has stepped up their game in the shoe department? I don’t know who took over in buying, but let’s collectively send them an eHug and maybe several boxes of Tiff’s Treats because thank you for making trendy Spring shoes affordable.

I’m excited to wear the ever living soles out of these woven mules. Almost as excited as I was to find slides marked down to $5? I’ll scour Target Clearance on the regular, if I can. You never know what little loves will pop out, like the slides that will get me well through pedicure season.

3. If you’ve followed my Instagram, you’ll know Austin and I saw St. Vincent last Saturday, AKA the true love of both of our lives. From her thigh-high, hot pink stiletto boots + flawless vocal/guitar rockstar performance, it’s easy to say the obsession is running deeper than ever in this house, y’all. Know if we do ever get around the to kid thing, Annie is probably a name on the table.

Plus!! We bought the tickets when they came out months ago, and we ended up having an unexpectedly bad kind of bizarre-o ending to the week last week. It was so life-giving to have this date lined up. Talk about your good timing! (Bizarre-o life updates are for another day. Let’s focus on St. Vincent and her weirdly perfect hot-pink bicep muffler outfit things. Those were cool.)

4. I’ve gotten questions for years about the cut of my side bangs + how I style them, especially lately since I’ve been pushing my full bangs over. SO I finally showed ya how.

Video is not my strongest suit, but there it is if you have any questions about that sorta thing.

5. Let’s end this week on the weird note it deserves, shall we? So I’ve taken my eggs scrambled for years –my whole life- and thought they were fine. Runny eggs totally freaked me out, even though I had never tried them. (A recently converted picky eater, there are hurdles I’ve yet to jump, but I’m getting there.)

And I’m here to tell you, I’ve changed my egg order for probably ever, and I am nothing short of obsessed with over easy eggs right now. Obsessed. Like, Austin has class for the evening? Guess what I’m making for dinner.

If changing a 20+ year egg preference isn’t a life highlight worth sharing, I don’t know what is. Never say I share anything short of honest.

High Five for Friday [02]

More accurately, “high-five for finding five minutes to catch my breath and start living life instead of life living me + thank you to everyone who prayed for that to happen you da real MVP’s I love you” –but that title didn’t test well with focus groups.

God has blessed Austin and I beyond our craziest daydreams. Reflecting a ton on this has left me in a state of pure awe the past several sleeps -even with brutal or bitter blessings that don’t generally warrant a filtered #blessed on the ole insta-feed (which sometimes take wading through before seeing the sanctifying, bigger-picture purposes). This season has been one handy reminder that God is smarter than me, and makes a much more qualified director of my life every. single. time. I don’t envy His job in wrangling this stubborn soul, but am so grateful for His love.

There is no irony lost that I’m sharing personal revelations of my Father’s love and guidance, followed by several totally superfluous sprinkles of things that bring me total superficial happiness. The juxtaposition may seem silly, but if you’ll recall, I’m all about recognizing the little things + big things He’s given us to make life sweet. That’s kind of this whole blog.

ONE. You guys. It’s Red Cup season, which means so much more than a sure stream of Peppermint White Mochas for the next two months. I won’t put up our tree purely on principle (YET!), but I’m secretly not not happy to see city sidewalks, busy sidewalks (already) dressed in holiday style.

*dancing lady emoji*  *Christmas tree emoji* *praise hands emoji*

TWO. Technically this happened last week, but I’m still high-fivin’ for it over here, and since I write the rules in these parts I’ll share anyway. I gave my long-to-me locks a healthy 6(ish)” chop because I couldn’t stand it anymore, got some interesting texture/blending/layering/why-do-these-pieces-lay-like-that previous haircut woes resolved, and just maybe found my new Dallas hairdresser. Just maybe. Plus, I guess I’m all trendy now with my Lob, which I’ll call Robin Hair Circa 2007-2010, except now I sort of have a handle on using styling products.(Where were you in high school, YouTube?)

THREE. We had the privilege of filling a rare gap in the Karber calendar with the precious company of these adorable lovebirds + an absolutely incredible meal one night this week. Bonus: I learned how to eat a wedge salad. Laughs and hearty conversations with friends are better for the soul than chicken soup, I do believe.

FOUR. Mani/Pedi. Ladies, is there anything better? I mean, is there really? Having completely taken this luxury for granted for a good long stretch in my “past life”, I enjoyed the heck out of it. (Except when they scrubbed away the rough evidence that I tend to run around barefoot while I restrained tortured laughter and tried to not kick my nail-tech in the dang face -a process that is surely not fun for anyone involved.)

In true Robin fashion, I chose the most boring color on the counter, which happened to perfectly match the interior of my boring, beloved vehicle. And I’m a total fan.

FIVE. *drumroll* I started a new job this week, (and here I’ll insert all of the praise hands emojis possible).

It’s a marketing and communications manager gig in Healthcare -a completely new/scary challenge I’m incredibly excited to tackle. Save my 7-month hiatus into the world of one hip advertising agency, I’ve done work in credit unions since I was 18. Confession: that’s probably because I don’t like not being the expert in the room, and breaking into a new industry, I’m finding peace and unexpected excitement in the fact that I won’t be (for awhile, at least.)

So, here’s to embracing the learning curve, breaking through the new kid ice again, and celebrating life’s most welcomed changes and challenges.

(PS: and to First Day of School-esque photos because document everything. PPS: and to Buff Pride in the office on the first day.)

High Five for Friday

Well, gang, we did it. Five days on for two days off, and oh how sweet that tune sounds every. single. Friday.

To those with less traditional workweeks, sorryboutcha, but I’m all flute-clinks and high-fives because TGIF (And I hope you celebrate a different day of the week, at least.)

A week’s Top 5 highlights (or shall I venture.. “Sprinkles”?) AKA a week in the life of Robin Karber. I know you’ve never been so enthralled.

MuranoONE. Last week my car decided it didn’t want to be a car anymore. So this week… I bought a car. It’s the first time I’ve experienced the honest-to-goodness research and test drive and run-my-credit process, and I never want to do it again ever. I imagine this is a FRACTION of window into what it’s like having a baby. Like, that was the worst thing I’ve ever been through in my life, but then I look at my baby I’m all smiles and joy-rides-for-days because new car.

It’s the strangest juxtaposition of “hooray, car!” and “oh, car payment!” but when life gives you a lemon car, God’s got your back, and you figure out how to get a better one. I think that’s how the saying goes.

Citron + Red(Oh hey, nice to see you, T-shirt Tan Line.)

TWO. I crept from my comfort zone with a little citron + red paired with bright red polish on Tuesday, and the little sassy pants I felt like the entire workday made me want to do it again real soon. Strong red lip = immediate +10 on the confidence-o-meter every time. Who knows why.

I also think I’m going to end up owning this shirt in every color of the Loft rainbow.


THREE. Forgetting my lunch and making a routine mad-dash-lunchtime-Target-run, I rediscovered the simple joy of a good Lunchable… and then stocked-piled. These bad boys deserve to be wildly more popular on the grown-up lunch circuit.


FOUR. The days I haven’t felt like such a sassy-pants, I’ve had this little lippie on repeat that I scored a few weeks ago during Tarte’s friend & family annual sale. So moisturizing. So subtle. So nice-smelling. So pretty. So easy.
Sephora Play!

FIVE. Was anyone else’s week *made* with this email? (I mean, like, made second to Sprinkle #1, maybe. Maybe.) I don’t know how *exclusive* the test markets actually are, so I’m curious. I’m also elated this is going to be a thing. Positively elated. Don’t let me down, Sephora. The last thing we need are more beauty enthusiast meltdowns rampantly spamming the www. I choose to believe this is going to be fantastic. Stay tuned.


The funnest little link up if you’re half as nosy as I am, and love knowing what’s going on in fun ladies’ lives. This might be a new regular around these old blog parts. It just might.

Click the icon to go back to the link-up, and comment below or with the talking bubble near the title! I’d love to hear what little sprinkles made your week, too.

High Five for (Black) Friday

I had a perfectly relaxing first married Thanksgiving with Austin, and I learned a few things:

  1. I can successfully bake a Pumpkin Butter Cake as good as Mom makes.
  2. I have some amazing extended family on my married side who helped make my belly and my heart overwhelmingly full with delicious food and so much laughter.
  3. Dallas Black Friday is nothing like Amarillo Black Friday –in a very good way.
    More stores = more options = less crazies per store. (Except Ulta –ladies be crazy for beauty everywhere.)

A Thanksgiving with a little baking, a little crafting, Macy’s Parade, an overflowing of food, family, and shopping. What more could a girl ask for, I ask you? God has given us some beautiful blessings.

A fourth point I learned:  I’m becoming a seriously boring old married woman (who’s surprised?)I got way too excited over a little Dirt Devil Hand Vac, and way too disappointed the yarn selection had been picked over. (What weirdo out there –besides myself– noticed crafting yarn was on sale and got there early and bought it all before me?)

To follow up on what I actually came home with versus my picks, a few Black Friday Buy highlights (link to products through photos):

Dirt Devil Hand VacThis aforementioned gem. (If you need me, I’ll just be over here unnecessarily vacuuming every nook and cranny of my apartment.)

Chopper This little chopper –no more crying into my cutting board. Take that, onions.

Volcano Room Spray
The Anthropologie surprise is 25% off everything today, so a great day to pick up something like this Capri Blue Volcano room spray that ne-ver goes on sale and is what I imagine Heaven smells like.


A couple of much needed BOGO free storage baskets from World Market to keep my crafting messes under control. (World Market was such a great idea. If you haven’t gone, do.)


A couple of (much needed -ha) BOGO free pretties from World Market.

I was too exhausted in Target last night to find what I was looking for (I obviously didn’t properly caffinate. Rookie mistake.) But I’m willing to bet they see me again before the sun sets on this Black Friday.

Did you have any luck? Tell me about it in the comments!