Giveaway & Review: Smile Brilliant Electric Toothbrush

Dentophobia -the fear of dentists- is a top 5 phobia that torments my brain. (And I’m getting braver around certain bug species, so I mean really, it  has a shot of climbing into the final 4.)  The sucky thing that catches your cheek sometimes. The pokey metal thing they stick in your gums. The scraping. The cold water squirt thing. The bright light. The dentist coming in to tell you that your twice-daily efforts had been in vain, again, and a follow up appointment would be needed. Again. Somewhere, a scream.

My sweet tooth is no secret, and a likely contributor to many a cavity filled in my 27 years. For this reason, I do strive to take care of my teeth on the daily in an attempt to avoid dentures in the next 20 years, but I’ve never been interested in electric toothbrushes.

Drop a stack of cash on a brush to mimic the whirring torture device of the devil dentists’ choosing? No thank you.

So when Smile Brilliant reached out about a partnership, color me skeptical. My experiences with manual brushes were just fine. (Or were they? History says, perhaps not. Hm.)

I investigated. The fact their brush heads weren’t circular was a start – the circular electric brushes freak me out. Just regular, manual brush heads seemed less intimidating. They had my attention, so I agreed.

Not being accustomed to an electric toothbrush, it felt like little strange at first, but I couldn’t get over how CLEAN my teeth felt when I used it. Fresh-from-the-dentist-feel without crippling anxiety? Color me converted, these days.

I don’t know that it’s curing any phobias anytime soon, but I think it will make a difference in my oral hygiene routine, and perhaps lead to a less terrible dentist visit in future. If not, that’s okay, I’m a fan of anything that makes a daily chore feel just a touch more luxurious.

If you’re interested in living in the lap of dental luxury like me, do I have good news for you! Smile Brilliant is letting me host a giveaway for one of you to win one of these bad boys to take for a spin all your own. Valued at $119, I’m excited for one of you friends to have this opportunity. 

Enter Giveaway Here:

If you don’t win, or want to shop, they’ve given my friends 20% off cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrushes using the code: dailysprinklesblog20.

electric toothbrush

GOOD LUCK & happy brushing!

High Five for Friday 05

High. Five. Indeed. We’ve been high-fiving a lot of things* around Casa Karber, as of late, primarily today (yesterday) the fact that February is over.

From everyone’s “how can it be March already?!”s, I feel like I may be alone in asking did it feel like it took twenty years to get through January-February this year? It sure did in Robin Time, I tell you. Give or take a decade.

(*Let’s clear the air, “high-fiving a lot of things” does not mean babies. It’s never babies. At this age, married, I’ve realized I have to make this abundantly clear + tell people to get their mind out of my uterus on a regular basis. Unless I explicitly say it has to do with babies, know it has nothing to do with babies.)

(Because it’s been a hot minute since I’ve thrown up a HFFF, reminder that these are just 5 of the best things that happened this week/lately! Always look for the silver lining, folks, and celebrate the sprinkles. That’s the whole point.)

Enough disclosures!

1.It’s March, and if you haven’t caught on, I’m happy about it. March should be good to us this year + I’m seeing my family this month, and I haven’t seen them since NYE. Also, we’ve been living this will it won’t it Winter in Texas, and as typically a cold-weather-fanatic as I usually am… I’m over it. I’m over flu, Kleenex, antihistamines, and dead grass. Whoever is new Spring-Loving Robin is, she says bring on the sunshine, suntans, sundresses, and blooms.

I feel so totally basic, but I so totally don’t care.

2. Can we all agree Target has stepped up their game in the shoe department? I don’t know who took over in buying, but let’s collectively send them an eHug and maybe several boxes of Tiff’s Treats because thank you for making trendy Spring shoes affordable.

I’m excited to wear the ever living soles out of these woven mules. Almost as excited as I was to find slides marked down to $5? I’ll scour Target Clearance on the regular, if I can. You never know what little loves will pop out, like the slides that will get me well through pedicure season.

3. If you’ve followed my Instagram, you’ll know Austin and I saw St. Vincent last Saturday, AKA the true love of both of our lives. From her thigh-high, hot pink stiletto boots + flawless vocal/guitar rockstar performance, it’s easy to say the obsession is running deeper than ever in this house, y’all. Know if we do ever get around the to kid thing, Annie is probably a name on the table.

Plus!! We bought the tickets when they came out months ago, and we ended up having an unexpectedly bad kind of bizarre-o ending to the week last week. It was so life-giving to have this date lined up. Talk about your good timing! (Bizarre-o life updates are for another day. Let’s focus on St. Vincent and her weirdly perfect hot-pink bicep muffler outfit things. Those were cool.)

4. I’ve gotten questions for years about the cut of my side bangs + how I style them, especially lately since I’ve been pushing my full bangs over. SO I finally showed ya how.

Video is not my strongest suit, but there it is if you have any questions about that sorta thing.

5. Let’s end this week on the weird note it deserves, shall we? So I’ve taken my eggs scrambled for years –my whole life- and thought they were fine. Runny eggs totally freaked me out, even though I had never tried them. (A recently converted picky eater, there are hurdles I’ve yet to jump, but I’m getting there.)

And I’m here to tell you, I’ve changed my egg order for probably ever, and I am nothing short of obsessed with over easy eggs right now. Obsessed. Like, Austin has class for the evening? Guess what I’m making for dinner.

If changing a 20+ year egg preference isn’t a life highlight worth sharing, I don’t know what is. Never say I share anything short of honest.

High Five for Friday(ish) 04

(belated! by 3 days! but who’s counting?)

With last week planted firmly in my rear view, I have no intentions of wanting to rewind and relive. It was that sort of week. But! It is these kinds of weeks, in my humblest little opinion, that are the most important to hunt for “sprinkles” -and not let a half baked HF4F post wither in the elephant graveyard of forgotten posts, however late it might be. Because also, I make the rules, and need an excuse to share my new sunnies with you.

Top 5 highlights of last week:

1. I work with some really amazing people, one friend particularly who noticed I was pretty radically “off” one day, and surprised me with this small planet of a cupcake and sweet card. Thanks for being a true gem, Cari, and getting me one heck of a sugar high.

2. The number one way I feel better after a long day is soaking in a fancy tub with a glass of fine wine and going for a fancy facial eating breakfast food. As fancy as I’d like to pretend I may be, my natural state of relieving anxiety is cleaning + eating pancakes.

Alex & I discovered a g.r.e.a.t. diner within walking distance from our duplex, and I was able to drown my sorrows in syrup a-plenty.

3-5. Walking for wine and shopping local with two of my favorite humans at the Bishop Arts Wine Walk.

I could have been having a particularly wonderful week, and this would have easily been the highest of highlights. I just love the community/neighborhood/culture down in this little corner of Dallas. (And anyone who will let me drink wine in their boutique.)

New sunnies? Artisan jewelry? Organic local handmade soap? win win win. Cheers.

Growing Pains

“Hey Michael, go get me some milk!” a bossy 12-year-old-Robin chirped from in front of the living room television. This was not uncommon. In fact, as the middle sibling, I knew my rights to practice the skillful art of bossing that had been exercised on me for years. It was the natural order!

Dutifully, Michael slid his Bob-the-Builder-undied bottom down from his perch on top of the back of the leather sofa, and scampered toward the kitchen.

He reached the entryway, and that’s when he stopped. I looked at him. He pivoted to look at me with the bewildered self-actualization of one discovering their self-autonomy for the first time and said, “No… get your own milk!” And resumed his position on top of the back of the couch. I argued, relented, and sighed.

The jig was up. My baby brother wasn’t a baby anymore. He was growing up, and that meant fetching my own snacks from the kitchen. He was too smart for his own good. It happened so fast!

But as quickly as that moment came, nothing compares to the eye-blink seperating splitting a cookie-jar’s worth of Oreos together after a day of hide-and-seek and the moment Michael walked the stage a fully-graduated 18-year-old, 6’3″ human man last weekend.

(I swear I just picked him up from basketball practice… the hip older sister with a license who stops for ice-cream on the way home! What, he has his own license?! He’s driven himself to practice for years?! He buys his own ice-cream?! Someone, quick, make it stop!)

The get-your-own-milk moment isn’t when he stopped being a baby. This he-shaves-and-drives-and-is-gradating moment is, and realization hit me all over again two months ago when my mom asked me to shoot some senior photos.

There’s a lot I miss about being kids together, but as less of a Mom #2 and babysitter now and more of an equal, there’s a lot I love about my grown-up relationship with my brother, too. I couldn’t be more proud of his goals, dreams, sense of humor, and gentle heart. And I love him.

High Five for Friday 03

Or should I say, High Five for Getting Back On the Blogging Wagon (more accurately blogging-publishing wagon because don’t think for half a happy minute my iPhone Notes don’t runnith-over with potential content, always.)

The concept of H54F is “Five Highlights of the Week”, but since I haven’t been active on the blogging ball, let’s stretch the definition to include “Five Whatever I Want To Talk About Today That’s Happened Lately” just this once.

1. Perfectly ordinary Sundays with brunch & movie dates, evening church services, and spending regular time with AK have become my favorite days on the whole planet. Our schedules are so flipped + packed, I cherish the together-time, and usually commemorate them with sappy Grams.
I get a lot of questions about that nail polish. I rotate it year-round as a serious go-to when I’m feeling particularly indecisive.
They are almost identical shades, with Chinchilly being ever-so-slightly-lighter. Perfect if you have undying allegiance to either brand, and fancy a greige with the *tiniest essence* of purple.
2. Considering myself something of a 19 Crimes Enthusiast for a hot minute, I tried their newest dark red blend a couple weeks ago and man oh man if you’re looking for a $10 Friday Night Investment, you’re welcome.
Addendum 1: That is, if you’re a fan of bold reds. It’s a gorgeous opaque, deep red-almost-black-color, fairly fruit-forward, and smooth in a way my palate adamantly approves.
Addendum 2: I’m less of a wine connoisseur, more of a just a girl who really likes wine. Take my advice with a grain of salty dark chocolate.
3. I cooked salmon for the first time in my life on Monday, and if that isn’t an exciting update for you, I don’t know what you want from me.
Except maybe, also, a photo.
By cook, I mean I bought the pre-seasoned pieces of fish from the deli of Central Market, moved them onto a cooking sheet, and baked them for 20 minutes. Served alongside Ready Rice +asparagus I tossed in olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic salt then roasted for 20, and voila… color me a dang 5-Star Gourmet Chef. *bows*
4. The Super Bowl.
It happened Sunday.
There was a winner, but I don’t really wanna talk about that.(Forever Skeptical, Forever Salty).
But! I will talk about snacks and commercials and the best Halftime Show that’s happened in a while, if you want! You go, Gaga, you go.
Pictured: Cream Cheese + Raspberry Chipotle Sauce + Ritz Chips and Oreo Truffles to satisfy an unhealthy urge I’ve had lately to do work on family-pack of double-stuff’s single-handedly. Letting myself eat a few of these felt like a healthier compromise.
5. Brunch with some great pals at Bolsa in Oak Cliff perfectly punctuated last week, leaving AK and I rearing do it again real soon. Fantastic locally roasted coffee from Ascension Coffee, some seriously off-the-chain Chilaquiles, or Shrimp & Eggs (my plate below) come highly recommended out of the Karber house.
And instead of, you know, capturing a great moment with friends, we snagged this selfie instead.
Alas, a paparazzi fail on my part.
Cheers, my friend, as I’m sure you are, too, counting down to the weekend.