Inside: Play! By Sephora Subscription Box 01

Life has been full. Like, capital f-u-double-hockey-sticks fullLike, “live in the next ten minutes because thinking about the week big-picture might make my brain explode” full. This lifestyle is not conducive to blogging (or at least blogging well), so forgive me again all three of ye faithful Daily Sprinkles followers who have noticed me absentee. I’d say it won’t happen again, but then my pants would be on fire and your forgiveness would instead be needed for the latter transgression. So, we’ll just go with this is the season we’re in, folks. I promise nothing but popping in with a little quippy commentary with the same ol’ whatever strikes my fancy if I make it home before dark to shoot photos in decent lighting, lest you be forced to stare at grainy big-foot quality images and shame me into photography oblivion. No one wants that.

You got me? Good. Thank you.

But something great was delivered to my doorstep yesterday, so cue The Pointer Sisters because I’m so excited and ain’t tryin’ to hide it anywhere!


My very first Play! By Sephora box. (Thank you, Dallas, for being one of the designated test market cities. If it were physically possible to kiss a city, I would.)

A quick primer:

  • $10/mo subscription box, free shipping. 6 deluxe beauty samples. Product info booklet. A Play Pass card for bonus Sephora beauty points and free in-store tutorials with the month’s products. Detailed info, here.

This first box’s theme is “Uncover the Essentials.” Nutshell version: some of Sephora’s best selling products (read: this is gonna be good.) With brands like Bumble and Bumble + Marc Jacobs, they’re already living up to my wildest deluxe brand expectations. 

Need I comment on the packaging, or does it boldly speak for itself,  “I’m probs the cutest thing your mailbox has ever seen.”? Yeah, that.

Enough already, Robin! What’s in the box!?!” 

OKAY! OKAY! (drum roll):  (Crinkle filler paper?! The way to this crafter’s heart.)

Marc Jacobs Highliner  (Blacquer) black eyeliner -muy swoon upon first impression. However, eye-liner is one of those products you need to live with a little before making a forever judgement call. To be continued on how long this guy hangs around.

Glam Glow Supercleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser 

Glam Glow, you win for scariest looking thing to go on my face this year. “Mud to foam” is accurate, but smells far more divine than it looks.

Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Prime  Worked super well as a detangler.. possibly a tad too heavy for my fine hair -dreaded oily effect. (Nooo!) I plan on trying again s-p-a-r-i-n-g-l-y for better results (at which pace, this sample could last me a glorious amount of time.)

Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation Face Creme Feels extremely refreshing, but I can’t speak to it’s “transformation” properties on a first impression.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana White Fragrance  I was pleasantly surprised by this fragrance. From the packaging, I was prepared to be hit in the nostrils with a blanket from your great grandmother’s musky basement, but it was lovely. Sophisticated and floral in a way I don’t think would have been appealing to Robin three years ago, that might be given a shot now.

Sephora Rouge Infusion in #19 (Peony) 

This one will be living in my goes-everywhere, in-purse makeup pouch. Swipes easily for no-fuss touch of color that I feel like will be pretty darn universally flattering (which is excellent news concerning an argument I make below.) Oddly for a stain, it applies slightly unevenly, and required two passes for perfection, but then I had no complaints.

Key differences I see between Play! and my Birchbox subscription (after the first box):

  • There was no “beauty profile” to fill out, which was slightly disappointing because I think it means every single box will be the same, where each Birchbox is customized to your profile. What does this mean? No trolling social media to see what other women got in their boxes if you want to keep it a surprise, and hopefully no pop-up spoilers in the feed. Also, better chance of the makeup not “matching” skin type/hair color/other pesky personal particulars. My olive tones tend to pair with pretty wide scope of colors, so I don’t know that this will be my biggest gripe, but I could see it being a problem for women who have much more complex complexion matching struggles.
  • They’ve promised deluxe samples, and I get the feeling this will much more closely resemble Ipsy than Birchbox as far as the ratio of makeup to lotions-shampoos-soaps-masks-“beauty health” products go. AKA, much more makeup heavy. Do I love this? Time will tell. I love my Birchbox because it isn’t makeup heavy, although I enjoy the makeup samples. *Praying hands emoji* that the boxes will simple compliment each other nicely in my life.

easily see why these are some of Sephora’s cult favorites. If you haven’t gleaned this already, I’m enthusiastic about the potential for this new service. I mean, come on, it’s Sephora.

Were you chosen to receive this first round of boxes? Have you jumped on the wait list? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Comment below or with the talking bubble near the title.

High Five for Friday

Well, gang, we did it. Five days on for two days off, and oh how sweet that tune sounds every. single. Friday.

To those with less traditional workweeks, sorryboutcha, but I’m all flute-clinks and high-fives because TGIF (And I hope you celebrate a different day of the week, at least.)

A week’s Top 5 highlights (or shall I venture.. “Sprinkles”?) AKA a week in the life of Robin Karber. I know you’ve never been so enthralled.

MuranoONE. Last week my car decided it didn’t want to be a car anymore. So this week… I bought a car. It’s the first time I’ve experienced the honest-to-goodness research and test drive and run-my-credit process, and I never want to do it again ever. I imagine this is a FRACTION of window into what it’s like having a baby. Like, that was the worst thing I’ve ever been through in my life, but then I look at my baby I’m all smiles and joy-rides-for-days because new car.

It’s the strangest juxtaposition of “hooray, car!” and “oh, car payment!” but when life gives you a lemon car, God’s got your back, and you figure out how to get a better one. I think that’s how the saying goes.

Citron + Red(Oh hey, nice to see you, T-shirt Tan Line.)

TWO. I crept from my comfort zone with a little citron + red paired with bright red polish on Tuesday, and the little sassy pants I felt like the entire workday made me want to do it again real soon. Strong red lip = immediate +10 on the confidence-o-meter every time. Who knows why.

I also think I’m going to end up owning this shirt in every color of the Loft rainbow.


THREE. Forgetting my lunch and making a routine mad-dash-lunchtime-Target-run, I rediscovered the simple joy of a good Lunchable… and then stocked-piled. These bad boys deserve to be wildly more popular on the grown-up lunch circuit.


FOUR. The days I haven’t felt like such a sassy-pants, I’ve had this little lippie on repeat that I scored a few weeks ago during Tarte’s friend & family annual sale. So moisturizing. So subtle. So nice-smelling. So pretty. So easy.
Sephora Play!

FIVE. Was anyone else’s week *made* with this email? (I mean, like, made second to Sprinkle #1, maybe. Maybe.) I don’t know how *exclusive* the test markets actually are, so I’m curious. I’m also elated this is going to be a thing. Positively elated. Don’t let me down, Sephora. The last thing we need are more beauty enthusiast meltdowns rampantly spamming the www. I choose to believe this is going to be fantastic. Stay tuned.


The funnest little link up if you’re half as nosy as I am, and love knowing what’s going on in fun ladies’ lives. This might be a new regular around these old blog parts. It just might.

Click the icon to go back to the link-up, and comment below or with the talking bubble near the title! I’d love to hear what little sprinkles made your week, too.

February Favorites

This month was all about beauty for me, and I don’t now how that happened. I racked my brain (surely I wasn’t that unadventurous), but beauty products were the only discoveries from February that knocked off my socks and made me excited enough to share.


Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Buttercream | Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara | Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick | Sephora Collection MicroSmooth Baked Blush Duo

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Buttercream

Holy. Yum.


My husband forever cemented in the archives of Twitter my initial reaction:


And I meant it. And I still mean it. I would still love to devour a big heaping scoopful every time I use it. (I imagine that’s a bad idea. I do not advise consumption.) It’s pistachio, almond, and sweet vanilla, but very mild, and simply makes me happy. While I love the smell, I also love that I can wear whatever fragrance I want on top of it at the start of the day because it doesn’t linger too terribly long (fortunate and unfortunate.)


It applies like one of the silkiest, smoothest body creams I’ve ever tried without leaving my skin feeling the least bit oily. (Isn’t that the grossest? I don’t want to feel like I could take a running leap at a dry Slip’n’Slide and glide straight to the end after moisturizing my full body. Ick. You won’t with this body buttercream.) The texture is a real dream and lasts all day.

The price point is a little outside of my comfort zone for lotion. Despite the a-dor-able packaging, Soap & Glory is one of those brands I think I had picked up and tested a product or two before, but never bought. I probably passed on the price tag in favor of a drugstore staple. During a routine Sephora lap early this month, I passed the display and remembered one of my favorite bloggers (Kate from over at The Small Things Blog) mentioning it favorably in some capacity toward the end of last year. I couldn’t remember. I tested it in store and it was love at first smell. We’ve lived happily ever after. 

p.s. I have a thing for lotion tubs. I really like them. Maybe because I use a ton and it’s just easier to get in there and scoop it out rather than pump the bottle sixteen times? The tub also gives me the option of throwing the thing in my bag easily for travel or use during the day if I want. Who knows. I’m a freak.

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara in black


I thought this product was genius. It’s really just a good smudge and flake free mascara in a tiny tube with a tiny brush designed to distribute product to tiny lashes.


You might order it or go check it out in store and scream “What is this, mascara for ANTS?!” which was pretty close to my initial reaction, too. (It’s not THAT small. If you aren’t a Zoolander fan you’re probably really confused and lost, and I won’t apologize because that’s your fault for missing out on only about a million laughs.) It’s a small tube, but it isn’t expensive and I imagine it lasting a while for the small amount I use every time.

This isn’t a game changer or a top of the list once it runs out kind of product for me -I’ve found it mostly just fun to have and use. It does a nice job separating tiny bottom lashes and adding definition with a couple coats. When I’m really doing my eyes I add a couple coats for separation and length, and then one more coat of something a little thicker like my Covergirl Lash Blast on top of it.

It’s also nice to have for tinier lashes toward the inner of my top lash line. Who am I fooling? Once I’m 100% used to using it everyday it probably will be at the top of my list when it runs out.

Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Plummy Rose

Let’s take a moment and squeal over this packaging together, okay? Look how stinking adorable and fun and I want all of the shades just for the fun packaging of all of them seriously go look at them.


OK, now we can move on.

I’ve wanted one (or all) of the lipsticks from this collection for a darn long time, and finally picked this Plummy Rose shade. It’s a mauvey-rose color that I like for its simplicity. It gives color and defines my lips in a “yeah I’m a grown lipstick wearing lady” sort of way without being super trendy. Sometimes I don’t want to look trendy, I just want to feel pretty and polished. You feel me? Those are the days I use this lipstick.


As you would guess from the name, it’s super creamy and soft -definitely not a drying lip color, and maybe a little sheer. It takes reapplying every few hours to keep up the moisture and color throughout the day (or maybe I just talk a lot or drink too much coffee), but if those sort of lip products annoy you, pass on this one. I haven’t found a “lip butter” lipstick that doesn’t require this, though, and I just really like it anyway.

It also smells really nice, which is just a sweet bonus since you know I’m applying it, like, directly beneath my nose.

Sephora Collection MicroSmooth Baked Blush Duo in Tea Rose Tickle


I reached for this blush probably 23 of the 28 days of February. I’ve ended up really liking it even more than I thought I would in the store. (Even after dropping it directly onto the hard wood floor the day I brought it home. I also did that with a brand new carton of eggs today. That’s a different story, but I think it’s a pattern.)


Despite the battle wound I inflicted upon the little guy, it’s been a great blush. The colors are rich and pigmented enough to show up on my more medium olive skin, and actually have a lot of dimension. It has just enough sheen without being glittery. Few things I hate more than a product with so much sparkle it takes me back to the roller glitter stick days of my childhood. I can’t for the life of me remember what it is, but there is another Sephora Collection brand blush that does this. Beware.


And that’s the February gang. Have you given any of these a shot before? Any brands or products I should be on the lookout for this month? Comment below or with the little talking bubble near the title!

DIOR Addict Lip Glow

I’ve never been much of a lipstick wearer. Lip gloss? Half the time. Chapstick? Religiously. I’ve always cared about the health of my lips. (Once in middle school they got unbelievably chapped and I looked like a 13-year-old wearing dry, hooker-red lip liner framing a peely, patchy mess of lips. They burned something fierce. I may have also gotten deservedly made fun of. Scarred. For. Life. From that moment on, you would care, too.)

I also have fairly pigmented lips, so I always felt a swipe of chapstick would suffice for most occasions. Because of this, I also have a hard time with color. For example, if it’s too light or pinky, I feel like my natural lip color glares through and I immediately want to retreat back into middle-school-Robin-state walking the halls with my face buried in a binder until I stop looking like a hooker-clown. (See? I can joke about it now. It’s fine.)

Maybe because I’m getting older, or maybe because I’m getting more experimental with makeup, or maybe just because my mother-in-law told me once it looked nice –but I’ve had an extremely peeked interest in lipsticks lately.

After laying all that baggage on the table, maybe you understand why I’ve been super keen on trying Dior Addict Lip Glow Reviver Balm.


Sephora description: a sheer balm that enhances your natural lip color while moisturizing and protecting the skin…Formulated with color reviver technology, this silky lipstick reacts with the chemistry of your lips to create a special shade that will last all day.

I love it. I love it so much.


I do not love that it’s about $33 (ouch), but once I finally bit that bullet I’ve been so pleased.

Is this product for everyone? No. It is extremely subtle. Extremely –but that’s why I find it appealing. I wouldn’t likely wear it on any special occasions. It doesn’t particularly dress your look up, but it’s terrifically pretty in an everyday wear, very casual sort of way.

Does it last all day? Eh. The color, as subtle as it is, does last quite a while. The hydrating effect and slight glossiness doesn’t last as long. Several hours, I would say, maybe half a day? I always think that characteristic of any lip product is crazy subjective and personal. If you run your mouth and drink as much as me throughout the day, sure, it’ll wear off faster. If you’re polite, quiet, and keep your coffee intake to a minimum, I’m sure it’ll wear longer.

Does it actually change shades to match you? I mean, I think so. I haven’t been product testing my tube on the streets to see if it changes per person (I live in Dallas –talk about spreading the dreaded E word), but after a few minutes of wear, the color is truly richer. I think the pH balancing idea behind it to personalize the color is absolutely there. If you’re skeptical, I highly advise trying it on at a beauty counter like Sephora and wearing it around a while –do some shopping, grab lunch, then decide if it’s worth your thirty dollars. I decided it was absolutely worth mine.

Another bonus, it isn’t the least bit tacky or sticky like similar drugstore products I’ve tried. It glides on brilliantly and truly feels like butter on my lips (and come on, who doesn’t love butter?)

Plus, it smells so delicious. I think I’ll always bump a product up a star for being yummy-smelling. That just makes the experience that much more pleasant. I’m also simply obsessed with the pretty packaging. (Are you tired of me gushing about this product, yet?)



It comes in two shades, the pink I own and also a coral. I’m anxious to give the coral a shot because I’ve read a lot about it being bolder.

I’ve just been thrilled to find a pink lip color that doesn’t make me feel like I belong in Legally Blonde and actually blends well with my natural coloring. Nice work, Christian Dior.