Spring Investment: the moto jacket

The perpetual not-winter-not-warm weather pattern sitting over Dallas in recent months has forced me give my transitional outerwear a lot of love lately. We’ll call this the silver lining to the otherwise frustrating getting-dressed situation known as 30-degree mornings, 70-degree afternoons. (How many times can a girl complain about her climate before losing all of her readers? I’m flirting with that line, friends, flirtin’ real hard.)

Whatever the season, I don’t know if a suede jacket will ever not be a trending staple, so do yourself and your edgy side a solid and invest in one already. (Or top your next wish list with one like I finally did at Christmastime when I realized 2 years of lusting = not a phase.)

The price point on this piece is a little rich for my blood usually (aka bank account, hence my plea to Santa. Thanks for lookin’ out, SC.) So is it cliche to call it an investment? Because after basically not taking it off for 2 months, I would absolutely recommend it as an investment piece if you want a buttery suede little love to carry you through Spring.

Plus, I love mixing textures, and a suede-denim combo is about as peanut-butter-jelly as it gets in streetwear fashion. Not to mention, the moto style is probably one of the most versatile and universally flattering silhouettes in outerwear. (Or at least, that’s how I justify owning multiple leather, denim, and now suede moto/biker jackets. A little Hell’s Angel at heart, I must be.)

This isn’t a sponsored post, and I don’t even have affiliate links. I’m just a girl, telling you about my favorite jacket, because it’s that good.

Jacket here! 

Trend Love: Boho Chic

Where bohemian meets romantic, I am unreservedly smitten.

Boho Chic Fashion Trend

Boho Chic Fashion Trend

My spirit isn’t so much Free as OCD, making Boho Chic as as close as I feel comfortable getting to straight up Bohemia-ville with my style, as pretty as I find it.

Boho Chic

Realistically I’m not a total nonconforming, runs through daisies flower child. I’m just not. Coupled with the fact I enjoy hot showers, nurse a powerful Starbucks addiction, and work for a financial institution, I seek a little structure to not feel like I’m playing dress up when I feel like channeling some free-flowing-flowers-and-fringe.

Boho Chic Fashion Trend

While there are elements of bohemian style and thinking I adore, like any trend I attempt to adopt and develop them until they fit seamlessly (to me) with my everyday duds and overall lifestyle. Much more difficult on my current 9-5 grind (oh hey there, dress code) -that’s why weekends were made.

(Across fewer eggshells: If it feels kind of like a costume to you, it probably looks kind of like a costume to everybody else. Avoid looking “hippie for a day” -or “insert-trend-here for a day”- by working trendier pieces into your wardrobe naturally. You do you. Always do you. Even sporting trends, develop and make them the most you you can do, and then rock the heck out of it. That’s my humble opinion.)

Boho Chic Fashion Trend

Enter the “romantic” side of this puzzle, how it makes me feel like I’m avoiding hippie poserdom, and why I’m head over heels.

Feminine colors, flowing silhouettes, dreamy details and lace for days –allow me to embody a little Julie Andrews up in here because these are a few of my fa-vo-rite things.

Boho Chic Fashion Trend

Boho Chic Fashion Trend

Give me a 70’s (or early 2000’s) bell-sleeve in cream lace and color me happy. This tunic was tucked in the back racks of mega clearance sale in one of my favorite boutiques, marked 75% off, all by its lonesome, and in my size. I melted.

Fitted yet drapey in all the right ways, I love how feminine and chic it feels-

Boho Chic Fashion Trend-11 Boho Chic Fashion Trend-10-and how it balances out a fringe-tastic vest channeling some serious macrame vibes.

Boho Chic Fashion Trend

Neutral-on-neutral-on-neutral, the pop of color I went for here -if you can even call it that- was a rich, matte mauve nude lip.

Boho Chic Fashion Trend

Mauve Matte Nude LipI know it lends a bit better traditionally to the trends of cooler autumn days… but there’s been a whole lot of who cares vibin’ in the world of beauty these days, and I’ve been a fan.  (This is where I hop up on the soap box and preach you-do-you again.)Boho Chic Fashion Trend-15

I whipped a curling iron through a few pieces of my hair for a little body + structure, but embraced a lot of natural kinks and bends this day. That might be my favorite part of who cares having a moment in beauty/hair/makeup/stuff – loose, undone texture-full mops that makes getting ready easy-peasy, and plays exactly perfectly to Boho Chic.

Boho Chic Fashion Trend-12 Boho Chic Fashion Trend-8

With all of the fashion degrees and VIP expert insider knowledge that I do not posses: while this trend is very now, it isn’t particularly new, and I don’t particularly see it going anywhere.

And when it does, I’ll probably be the old lady walking around being scolded “get with the times, it isn’t the 2010’s anymore,” because I don’t foresee myself ever giving up fringe and lace. Ever ever.

Boho Chic Fashion TrendWhat are your favorite ways to work this trend? Comment below or with the talking bubble near the title!

Spring Trend Crush: Florals + Stripes

Florals_Stripes-8 copy

I wouldn’t call my style adventurous.  I usually feel safest inside the confines of some well-mixed basics, textures, and an occasional color pop.

Then sometimes…

Sometimes -when the right piece speaks to me- it’s fun to break outside of my boring, basic-loving skin and shake things up. My trend crush this spring has hands down been florals + stripes. Anywhere. Everywhere. Any form. So many hours on Pinterest pining.

Then I found this skirt, and boy it spoke.


I debated myself for days on buying it. Then it finally landed on my doorstep, and I couldn’t believe it was ever even in question.


Full, floral, modest enough for the office yet fun enough for an afternoon around town, this is the skirt spring wardrobe dreams are made of.

Florals_Stripes-9 Florals_Stripes-6 Florals_Stripes-5 Florals_Stripes-2

The best part, it’s perfect for my favorite spring pattern pairing:  florals + stripes.

Skirt | Chicwish
Shirt | JCrew Factory
Necklace | Elisabeth Ashlie
Earrings | World Market
Flats | Two years old, back of my closet never worn. Thanks again, skirt.

What’s your take on this pattern pair? Do you love this trend as much as I do, or possibly hate it more? Comment below or with the little talking bubble near the title!

Denim obsession: baring your ankles

In grade school, I was the awkward, lanky girl who preferred reading at recess and cared more about my report card than who was at my lunch table. At least a head taller than nearly every girl (or boy) in the class, the hemline of my little britches always just grazed the top of my white socks (I was rarely lucky enough for them to reach all the way down to my sneakers.) In daily growing pains, I could hardly blame my mother for this major fashion blunder and subsequent taunting–it was impossible to keep me in long enough jeans. They didn’t come sized “skinny & gangly” –at least we couldn’t find them. And if we did (by an act of God) find them, they were too short, too, by the end of the month. Top that off with brand new buck teeth and a perm-gone-wrong, I was a real looker. (Though I can and do blame my mother for the perm – alive in the 80’s, who lets their kid do that? How could she have not seen this going badly for her 9-year-old?)

Even after growing out of the awkward years, I learned that finding the denim sweet-spot as a woman never gets easier:  the butt looks huge, or flat, or long, or the legs are too short, the rise is too low, or the dark rinse turns your hands blue by lunchtime.)

What buck-tooth Robin would’ve given for what’s trending now:  ankle length.

To be honest, I’m thrilled and a little obsessed with this trend in slacks and denim. Tall ladies, it’s a 3rd-grade dream come true. Every time I’m out I see different textures and patterns both slouchy and skinny cuffed or cut ankle-length –and I love it.

I recently discovered the “Marisa “ or “Modern” fit at Loft, which feels like a good young-adult balance for me between being high enough on the waist, but not so high that AARP is calling (something I have a hard time finding). I’m usually too tall for the regular length Loft carries in-store, but now with the spring ankle-cut and zipper detail, I grabbed two pairs.

ImageImage(I’ve only owned them for three weeks, but they’ve cycled through my laundry four times –my new casual Friday go-to.)

Disclaimer #1:  If you buy anything at Loft full price, you’ve lost your mind. Wait for the sales and deep clearance markdowns. If it isn’t on sale right now-wait for it. It’s coming. Or save your receipt, they do price-adjustments within 7-days of purchase. They also always offer a teacher-discount for educators.

Disclaimer #2:  This trend isn’t exclusive to tall girls.

Turns out, there are a lot of opinions concerning second disclaimer. In most cases, if your legs are shorter for your frame but you want to try the trend, I would advise sticking to skinny-cuts versus slouchy, and consider a pump or wedge to offset the leg-shortening affect this cut tends to have. But personally, I think they’re the perfect opportunity to showcase an adorable ankle-strap sandal or flat.

(Note:  Loft doesn’t know who I am. Actually, yes they do. I just finished my last shift as a sales associate Saturday, but corporate doesn’t care if they’re on my blog or not. In other words, this was not a sponsored post, these jeans just rock.)

Where are your favorite jeans from? Have you even found them yet? Let’s talk about it, comment below!