High Five for Friday 05

High. Five. Indeed. We’ve been high-fiving a lot of things* around Casa Karber, as of late, primarily today (yesterday) the fact that February is over.

From everyone’s “how can it be March already?!”s, I feel like I may be alone in asking did it feel like it took twenty years to get through January-February this year? It sure did in Robin Time, I tell you. Give or take a decade.

(*Let’s clear the air, “high-fiving a lot of things” does not mean babies. It’s never babies. At this age, married, I’ve realized I have to make this abundantly clear + tell people to get their mind out of my uterus on a regular basis. Unless I explicitly say it has to do with babies, know it has nothing to do with babies.)

(Because it’s been a hot minute since I’ve thrown up a HFFF, reminder that these are just 5 of the best things that happened this week/lately! Always look for the silver lining, folks, and celebrate the sprinkles. That’s the whole point.)

Enough disclosures!

1.It’s March, and if you haven’t caught on, I’m happy about it. March should be good to us this year + I’m seeing my family this month, and I haven’t seen them since NYE. Also, we’ve been living this will it won’t it Winter in Texas, and as typically a cold-weather-fanatic as I usually am… I’m over it. I’m over flu, Kleenex, antihistamines, and dead grass. Whoever is new Spring-Loving Robin is, she says bring on the sunshine, suntans, sundresses, and blooms.

I feel so totally basic, but I so totally don’t care.

2. Can we all agree Target has stepped up their game in the shoe department? I don’t know who took over in buying, but let’s collectively send them an eHug and maybe several boxes of Tiff’s Treats because thank you for making trendy Spring shoes affordable.

I’m excited to wear the ever living soles out of these woven mules. Almost as excited as I was to find slides marked down to $5? I’ll scour Target Clearance on the regular, if I can. You never know what little loves will pop out, like the slides that will get me well through pedicure season.

3. If you’ve followed my Instagram, you’ll know Austin and I saw St. Vincent last Saturday, AKA the true love of both of our lives. From her thigh-high, hot pink stiletto boots + flawless vocal/guitar rockstar performance, it’s easy to say the obsession is running deeper than ever in this house, y’all. Know if we do ever get around the to kid thing, Annie is probably a name on the table.

Plus!! We bought the tickets when they came out months ago, and we ended up having an unexpectedly bad kind of bizarre-o ending to the week last week. It was so life-giving to have this date lined up. Talk about your good timing! (Bizarre-o life updates are for another day. Let’s focus on St. Vincent and her weirdly perfect hot-pink bicep muffler outfit things. Those were cool.)

4. I’ve gotten questions for years about the cut of my side bangs + how I style them, especially lately since I’ve been pushing my full bangs over. SO I finally showed ya how.

Video is not my strongest suit, but there it is if you have any questions about that sorta thing.

5. Let’s end this week on the weird note it deserves, shall we? So I’ve taken my eggs scrambled for years –my whole life- and thought they were fine. Runny eggs totally freaked me out, even though I had never tried them. (A recently converted picky eater, there are hurdles I’ve yet to jump, but I’m getting there.)

And I’m here to tell you, I’ve changed my egg order for probably ever, and I am nothing short of obsessed with over easy eggs right now. Obsessed. Like, Austin has class for the evening? Guess what I’m making for dinner.

If changing a 20+ year egg preference isn’t a life highlight worth sharing, I don’t know what is. Never say I share anything short of honest.

Black Friday: don’t judge me + picks

Let’s call Black Friday what it is:  competitive shopping.

I’ve witnessed a steel, industrial door being ripped from Old Navy hinges for discounted sweaters, grown women screaming and slapping over Victoria’s Secret yoga leggings, vultures circling shopping carts waiting for owners to turn their backs for one second because Walmart ran out of $5 Tupperware and stealing from shopping baskets isn’t real stealing, right? (Wrong. If that is you, you are wrong.)

Those people –you can judge those people, but don’t totally give Black Friday a bad rap because of them. The aisles are mostly filled with hyper-competitive-shopping-enthusiasts like myself simply making memories with their families and scoring some awesome loot.

Black Friday is as much about the memories and stories for me as Thanksgiving. In the Mosier House, my siblings and I spent hours Thanksgiving morning with our dad and that 15-pound newspaper, meticulously sorting the fresh ads into piles:  the good stuff, the really good stuff, the not good stuff, and the maybe good stuff. (Do not mix the piles -I repeat- do not mix piles.)

Black Friday Strategy has been ingrained in my idea of the holidays forever. Although I won’t be with my parents this year (for the first time ever –cue flowing salty river), it’s not a tradition I plan to abandon.While Black Friday Dallas  is probably a far cry from Black Friday lilbitty Amarillo and any game plan I make is likely to be abandoned in terror, I should still make some picks and try, right?

In planning this post, I honestly thought I would have more picks. To be candid, there isn’t anything I’m like willing to knock people out of my way for this year. No “Gold Trophy” that I’ve seen and need, which is maybe a first. For this reason -reserving the right to change my mind, as any good woman would- I just may take a blind gamble and see what this is all about:


They’ve peaked my interest. Ah! The allure of the unknown! Unfortunately, it’s working. Being in a new city for the first year, it might be time to shake up my regular stops. In the event I chicken out, these are a few places that are interesting me right now:

(Are these the best deals out there? Do I think all of you need to be shopping for these things, too? I hope not. That substantially limits my chances if all of you are gunning for my loot, too. These are just some fun Black Friday finds that interest me. If you want to know where to go for the statistically best deals, this interesting article. Also note I’m not in the market for any electronics this year, or my wish list would probably be substantially longer.)


Target, you fancy. I went to look up the digital ads last week and found this “Black Friday Map” tool -just thought you should know.

1. Ninja Master Prep Professional, $29 (I’ve been dying for a Ninja.) 2. Apparel, 40% off (Because Target clothes are sometimes incredibly great.) 3. Stretch Gloves with Touch Screen Compatibility, $3.50 BOGO free (I don’t own gloves. Who knew.) 4. Picture Frames, 50% off (You can always use a few picture frames, right?) 5. Saturday Only Deal BOGO free Holiday Wrap (Because it’s HOLIDAY WRAP.)  6. Elf on a Shelf Box (I definitely won’t be buying this one, but its so cute and I love them if you’re a mom do it.) 7. Electric Blanket, $19.99 (It’s a better alternative for my icebox of an office than the portable fire pit.)
Full Ad Here


1. bareMinerals Unbelievable Eyes Ulta exclusive kit, $10 (I love bareMinerals eye shadow.) 2Tarte Joy at Lash Lip & Lash Set, $19 (I’ve heard killer things about Tarte’s fibers as far as lash fibers go.) 3. Butter London Polish Duo, $15 (Great deal on great polishes, and I love coordinating colors for a little accent-nail pop.) 4. The Body Shop Products, 40% off (In love with the Tea Tree Oil line, extremely interested in the Peppermint.), 5. Hot Tools Rainbow Gold Tools, $34.99 (These are pretty versions of some awesome irons.) 6. Organix Hair Products, BOGO free (I use a lot of Organix on the regular.) 7. Philosophy 3-in-1 Shampoo/Shower Gel/Bubble Bath, $10 (Because I’m obsessed with all of the smells, and it makes a pretty good, sudsy bubble bath.)
Full Ad Here

Runner’s Up:

  • Old Navy 50% off the whole store honestly tempts me a whole lot.
  • Nordstrom’s 20% off select sale items sounds promising. The word “select” is my biggest hold up here though-how select are we talking?
  • World Market has a great ad -a whole lotta “BOGO free” on products from throw pillows, bath towels, holiday ornaments, jewelry, tea, and more. As I type this, I just might be convincing myself.

How do you feel about the ads this year? Anything you can’t wait to get your hands on? Comment below, maybe I missed something!